Monday, July 30, 2012

Schedule: October 2012

October 1-WAY Promise and Renewal Mass and installation of new director, St. Raymond of Penafort Church, Springfield. 7:30 PM
 Mass to be followed by a reception of gratitude for Robin Maas (no confessions this evening). More details to follow.

October 10-Rule Talk/Discussion-Croiset-Chapters 4-6 (concludes the motives for this devotion)

 As you address our study of the Sacred Heart this month, I ask you to consider reading the meditation for the First Friday of the Month (there are meditations for the Friday's of each month, if you are able to read all or part of these meditations, great!). See chapter IX, The exercises of this Devotion. Your practice this month-Commit to making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament on one of the Fridays of this month and read all or at least part of the Friday meditation. Jot down words or phrases that resonate in your life. What is the Holy Spirit asking you to give Our Lord's Sacred Heart? If you are in a position to do this each Friday, please do-and hold your fellow sisters' intentions in your prayers. God will reward you for your generosity!

October 17-Maurice and Therese Chapter II read up to and through "The Christmas Miracle" As you read the letters between Maurice and Therese, you may choose to read the commentary, or simply allow Maurice and Therese to teach and guide you. Consider the intimacy and trust that is required of them both. Ask Our Lord to deepen your trust and confidence in Him this month.

October 24-Community Holy Hour and Mass-Angelus Academy