Monday, June 24, 2013

Fortnight to Freedom

Dear Sisters,

Friday, June 21st, begins the Fortnight to Freedom which is rooted in our deep desire to preserve religious liberty in our nation.  In addition to fasting and/or offering sacrifices on all Fridays for religious liberty throughout the Year of Faith we have been encouraged to pray the rosary daily, and to attend monthly Eucharistic holy hours for religious liberty.  As the Fortnight for Freedom approaches, it is time for us to "up the ante" in our prayers and activities for this very important freedom, so I will make a few suggestions:

1. Attend the opening Mass, 7pm June 21, for the Fortnight at the Basilica in Baltimore:

2.  Attend the closing Mass, 12 noon July 4, at the National Shrine:

3. Attend the Knights of Columbus Religious Liberty Vigil June 22:  Mass is at 7pm, with the Vigil following at 8:45pm

4.  Participate in the Archdiocese of Washington Sacred Property visit program (this could be especially cool for our families!--there are many sites on the list which are part of the Year of Faith indulgence list.  (this is really cool, please check it out!)

5.  Pray the Rosary each day, as a family, for Religious Liberty

6. Attend a talk on Religious Liberty or one of the Eucharistic Holy Hours.  Please check your parish bulletin and the diocesan site for ideas and times:

7. Pray the Novena to the Mother of God For the Nation which we offered last fall.  (I have attached a copy here).  

8. Pray a Novena to St. Thomas More (our diocesan patron) whose Feast Day is celebrated this Saturday along with St. John Fisher.  Here is one option:

9.  Read a daily reflection on Dignitatis Humanae, the Vatican II document on Religious Freedom.  This in particular, would be a good choice:

You can also access the document on a "day by day" basis. The links are here:

There are many ways you can participate in the Fortnight for Freedom, so I urge you to pick at least one, and commit to doing it.  

I also ask you to consider checking out the blog Conversation with Women.  So many of us have been hurt by the lies of the "benefits" and "rights" and dare I say "need" for contraception and abortion. This blog has beautiful stories from real women who have suffered and found peace.  I encourage you to read these wonderful words of hope. 

My prayers are with you,