Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Reading Schedule

The Devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus
 How to practice the Sacred Heart Devotion

Fr. John Croiset, S.J.

September 12:
   Chapters 1-3, begin the motives for this devotion

October 10:
     Chapter 4-6, conclude the motives for this devotion

November 7: 
     Part 2: The Means of Acquiring this Devotion, Chapter 1-Chapter 2, end of second obstacle (self-love)

 December 5:
     Part 2: Third obstacle through end of Chapter 3

January 9:
     Part 2: Chapter 4 (particular means)
February 6:
     Part 3: The Practice of this Devotion. Chapters 1-3

March 6:
     Chapter 4-Visiting the Blessed Sacrament
April 10:
     Chapters 5 and 6-Holy Mass and Holy Communion

 May 1:
     Chapters 7 and 8-Marks of this devotion and select writings
June 12:
     Chapter 9-Meditations for the Feast of the Sacred Heart

I believe, I Adore, I trust

Offering the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I offer Thee my heart with all the sentiments of which it is capable; I give myself entirely to Thee, and from this hour I protest most sincerely that I desire to forget myself and all that can have reference to myself, in order to remove the obstacles which might prevent me from entering into this Divine Heart which in Thy divine goodness Thou openest to me, and where I desire to enter in order to live and die with Thy most faithful servants.


Blessed Claude de la Columbière


Maurice and Thérèse Reading Schedule

September 19:
    Introduction and Chapter 1

October 17:
     Chapter 2 through the Christmas Miracle

November 14: 
     January 31, 1897-April 25, 1897

December 12:
     The Little Way-June 21, 1897

January 16:
     Merciful Love-July 17, 1897

February 20:
     A Lovely Home in Your Holy Friendship-August 5, 1897

March 13:
     I Found Jesus in You- Death of Thérèse

April 17:
    Chapter 3

May 8:
     Chapters 4 and 5

I wish “to make God loved”
St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Dear St. Therese,

We implore you to be with our community as we strive to serve the Father’s will.  Perfect in our hearts the desire to “please Him in all things”.  Ask the Father to bless our apostolate of spiritual maternity so the fruits of our labors may be realized in the drawing of souls to Christ, particularly the souls of His little ones, those at risk, and those who have lost hope.  Amen.


Women’s Apostolate to Youth