Saturday, March 3, 2007

St. Michael the Archangel Hotline

Saint Michael the Archangel
For Spiritually-at-risk Youth

How It Works

In 1997, the Women’s Apostolate to Youth embarked on a new community ministry: that of praying each day for spiritually at-risk youth. The names and circumstances of some children, for whom we pray 30 days, are known to us. Their needs are placed before us by their youth ministers, priests, friends, neighbors, or relatives. We share their stories with those on our list of "hotline supporters." These people include members and associates of WAY and their "Prayer Partners," who have all agreed to take on this special ministry with us. Also included on our list of supporters is a very special and wonderful group of priests, who--in addition to reciting the prayer daily for our hotline kids--offer masses for these children and youth besieged by evil at every turn.

We realize that for every spiritually at-risk child whose name and circumstances we know, there are thousands more whose needs will never be known to us. These needs of these children are all offered in our general intention. Every month, our hotline supporters receive the St. Michael Messenger, a list of those whose needs have been placed before us. We pray for these children and youth by name and offer prayers, too, for our general intention. Each issue of the Messenger also includes updates, when available, on the circumstances of those for whom prayers were offered in previous months. Sometimes there is good news to share; other times, the need for continued prayers is great. Always, however, there are more prayers to be offered. The ministry continues as long as there is evil in this world that threatens the spiritual and bodily well-being of the young people of this world.

To those of you who are not already participating in this important cause, we invite you now to join us in our ministry for the sake of Christ’s little ones by praying the St. Michael prayer daily for the general intention of protecting children and youth from evil influences. If you are interested in participating in a more formal way, and would like to receive the Messenger, please email

To all our hotline supporters, we say a heartfelt, "Thank you!" We know that we fight against a powerful enemy, but although we cannot always see the results of our work, we know that we have an even more powerful ally fighting with and for us.