Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Director's Message

I have been thinking of our unique position as children of God and what that union entails for us as His daughters.  We are blessed with sanctifying grace, given access to the Sacraments, and are called to unite ourselves more fully with the sufferings of Christ.   As I mentioned at Easter, I am inclined to think of my day as a love letter to Our Lord.  As I look back on my Lent (and my life), I see so much failure: not keeping my sacrifices, realizing how attached I am to my own will, etc. But I also have great hope.  Christ looks on each one of us with His eyes of love, and literally begs us to accept His forgiveness and peace.  He desires to take all of our failures, disappointments, and hurts, and purify them in the furnace of His love so they may be presented to the Father as a sacrifice that is "acceptable and pleasing".  His love does not fail.  

My "love letter" is a renewal of my promise to seek the "pleasing of Him in all things".  To offer my tattered, yet hope-filled, heart to Him to be loved, and to love Him in return.  I desire each time things do not go my way today (and every day), to place these pricks upon my heart as a sacrifice of love on one of His five wounds, begging the grace in the moment to do as He wills, or as will too often happen, asking Him to perfect my actions where I fall short.  

In each of these moments my heart will be united to yours, knowing that through our united prayers and God's grace, our struggles will indeed be loved and perfected by Christ.