Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015-2016 Reading Schedule

WAY 2015-16 Elisabeth Leseur Reading Schedule 


Book: The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur
Each month you will be asked to read a section of her diary, along with one of the monthly retreat topics.  For October we will start with “Silence” and “Resolutions”.  You are encouraged to read her “Daily Thoughts” (pages 147-187) on your own throughout the course of this year. 

October-In Memoriam (pages xiii-xliii), Spiritual Testament (141-145 a letter Elisabeth wrote to her husband titled “For Felix”, pages 287-290 (some copies do not have this letter), and the monthly retreat focused on “Silence” (pages 209-212, and 226). 

November-Journal Part 1 (pages 3-47) and the monthly spiritual retreat: on “Mortification” (pages 212-214). 

December –no regular meeting on Elisabeth, but please read and reflect on the monthly spiritual retreat on “Humility” pages 214-215.  As you read this, consider Mary, our model of humility, asking her to guide you on this “retreat”. 

January- Journal Part 1, continued and the beginning of “Resolutions” (pages 48-79).  Monthly spiritual retreat: “Renunciation” pages 215-216 

February- Resolutions, continued (pages 80-112) and monthly spiritual retreat “Love of Souls” pages 216-217.  

March – No Elisabeth Leseur meeting this month, but please read the monthly spiritual retreat “Serving the Crucified” pages 217-218. 

April – Journal Part 2 (pages 115-145), monthly spiritual retreat “Detachment of Soul” pages 218-220.  

May- Read the monthly spiritual retreat on “Obedience” pages 220-221. ** we may add the reading on Christian Womanhood to this month** 

June- Read “A Call to the Interior Life” and “Living the Spiritual Life” (pages 189-208) and monthly spiritual retreat on “Poverty of Spirit” pages 221-222.   

July- Read “Little Treatises” (233-265) and the monthly spiritual retreat on “Prayer” pages 222-223. 

August – Read “Christian Womanhood” (pages 267-283) and the monthly spiritual retreat on “The spirit of penance” pages 223-224. 

September- Read the monthly spiritual retreat on “Abandonment to God.” Pages 224-226.  

“There is nothing so great or ideally beautiful as the action of God in the human soul.  If we knew how to detect it in ourselves, our lives would be transformed.  If we could see it in others, we would love still more Him who is always in the midst of us, who works marvels in us and who effects these spiritual “rejuvenations” of the soul that we shall come to understand only in eternity.”  
My Spirit Rejoices, p 210